Alzheimer’s Reversed with Broader-Based Approach

A new study from UCLA suggests that by addressing the many factors that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease all at once, rather than one at a time at is done currently with drugs that have had minimal benefits, the disease’s progression might be reversed.


The study recommends:

  • Reducing stress with yoga and meditation
  • Getting more sleep
  • Eliminating all simple carbohydrates, gluten and processed food from the diet
  • Eating more vegetables, fruits and non-farmed fish
  • Taking vitamin D, vitamin B12, melatonin, CoQ10 and fish oil supplements
  • Initiating hormone replacement therapy for those with hormonal imbalances

Nine out of ten participants saw drastic improvement in cognitive function. Six patients were able to return to their jobs or continue working with improved performance, and their improvements were sustained for up to two-and-a-half years at the time the results were reported. We offer a variety of nutritional supplements through our online store.

Speak with our compounding pharmacist about hormone imbalances and to see if hormone replacement therapy is right for you.