Relief from Migraine

sb10063626bc-001Approximately 300 million people worldwide suffer from migraine pain on a consistent basis. The risk of depression is almost double for migraine sufferers. Finding effective treatment for each individual can be challenging and migraine medications often produce adverse side effects.

We recommend avoiding common migraine triggers, such as:
• Chocolate
• Dairy
• Sugar
• Wheat
• Food Additives
• Processed Carbohydrates
• Stress
• Lack of sleep
• Smoking
• Alcohol
• Caffeine
• Low Magnesium
• Oral Contraceptives
• Anything that upsets hormonal balance

Elimination diets may control migraine without the need for medication. High quality supplements including butterbur, coenzyme Q10, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, folic acid and magnesium may lessen the frequency and severity of migraines. We also offer Migraine Clear, which you can purchase through our online store. Migraine Clear contains nutraceuticals that act synergistically to modify inflammatory responses and reduce histamine and serotonin-induced vasospasm.

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