As a family-owned and operated pharmacy for over two decades, Rx Unlimited is all too aware of the challenges that families can face when children get sick. Some of our staff members are parents, and they know that the tastes, textures, and forms of commercially available medications can cause problems with giving medications to children, and what seems like endless hours of tears and unnecessary stress, and prolonged illness if a child fights taking medication. Rx Unlimited is dedicated to working with your doctor to customize medications and make your child’s healing experience more positive for everyone in the family.

Wouldn’t it be great if medications were made in the correct dosage and dosage form to help your child get better more quickly – and happily?

We are able to compound child-specific and sugar-free medications into:

We are able to compound child-specific and sugar-free medications into:

  •  Oral solutions and suspensions that taste great
  •  Concentrates
  •  Freezer pops
  •  Gummy bears – what kid or adult doesn’t love Gummy bears?
  •  Lollipops
  •  Throat lozenges in pleasant flavors
  •  Transdermal gels and topical creams that smell good and are cosmetically appealing

If your child has allergies, we are able to provide medications that are:

  •  Gluten free
  •  Soy free
  •  Dye free
  •  Nut free

If your child needs medication buts hates taking it, putting up a fight the whole way, and making healing an Olympic event, call us today to see how many alternatives are available. Your child is unique and has individual needs that most commercially-available medications don’t precisely meet. Rx Unlimited understands and our friendly and experienced pharmacists and staff are here to provide high-quality individualized care for you and your family.