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Purchase/Transaction Agreement

Rx Unlimited LLC and its subsidiaries (“Seller”) do hereby agree to provide products, services, consultations, and other tangible items to customers (“Purchaser”) as related to pharmaceutical care, therapy, and extends to cover over-the-counter (OTC) products and health and beauty supplements. Seller also agrees to utilize any and all methods currently available to protect and keep confidential any information the Purchaser provides, including but not limited to:

  • Name;
  • Billing and/or shipping addresses;
  • City, state, ZIP Code;
  • Telephone numbers, including landline and mobile numbers;
  • Insurance Provider information;
  • Social Security number (where applicable);
  • All methods of payment, including
    • Credit or charge card information
    • Debit, ATM, or EBT card information
    • Information contained on personal checks
    • Cash transactions, where applicable

As outlined in the Seller’s Privacy Policy, no information provided to the Seller by the Purchaser will be sold, rented, or otherwise released to a third party without express written consent of the Purchaser, except as where required by written request or warrant from a state or Federal law enforcement agency in its investigation of a criminal nature. No other permission, implied or express, is granted in releasing customer information.

In exchange for providing such services as outlined above, Purchaser agrees, by implied and/or express consent (in the form of written, aural, oral, or otherwise), to pay in full the amount charged as based upon purchases made through the Seller’s web-based page, or in person at one or either facility located within the County of Los Angeles, state of California. Any and all purchases made by the Purchaser are at the Purchaser’s own discretion and risk; no information provided, either via the website or by Rx Unlimited LLC’s personnel, is construed to be completely and unambiguously factual and true. It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to verify and confirm any information obtained by such means. While every effort is made to verify and confirm all information received by Rx Unlimited LLC and its subsidiaries, Rx Unlimited LLC and its subsidiaries assume no responsibility to the veracity of the information posted on its website, and Purchaser assumes all responsibility and risks associated with acquiring products that are available through Rx Unlimited, its subsidiaries, as well as other unrelated or unassociated entities.

In the event that a product sold to the Purchaser is deemed incorrect, defective, or is subject to recall, and through investigation of the matter it is determined that the Seller is responsible for the error, Seller will, at its discretion, replace or refund the product in question at no charge to the Purchaser. Where applicable, Seller will notify Purchaser, by telephone, email, or in writing, the cause and reason for the error, defect, or recall. Note that all such issues may not warrant notification except where concerns to the health, safety, and well-being of the Seller are noted. Every effort will be made to inform Purchasers in the event such a situation arises that merits notification. Please refer to Seller’s Return Policy for more detailed and specific information.

This outline and disclaimer from the Seller is to be deemed and viewed as a legally binding contract and agreement between the Seller and Purchaser for the purpose and process of negotiating transactions. Any and all information passed between the Seller and Purchaser is considered private and confidential as per the rules, regulations, and guidelines governing information privacy

For further information regarding customer/patient information privacy, please visit or

The products in this online store are non-prescription, and are not compounded preparations. Products with the Rx Unlimited name are commercially manufactured and packaged and privately labeled for Rx Unlimited. Prescription medications and compounded preparations cannot be purchased through this the Online Store.

To enter the store, click OK to indicate that you understand that products in this store are non-prescription and commercially available, ie, not compounded.