Foot Bath Program

Rx Unlimited offers an at-home, prescription foot bath program for the treatment of infections and open sores on the foot. The therapy can be performed before an infection occurs or as an adjunct therapy to oral and injectable antibiotics. The foot bath helps cleanse the wound and remove dead tissue, increases circulation and puts the wound in direct contact with medication to promote faster healing. The most common problems treated with the foot bath program are ingrown toenails, cellulitis, athlete’s foot, pitted keratolysis, diabetic ulcers, open/infected sores, abscesses, and joint infections.

With the first month of treatment, you will receive a free foot spay, instructions for use and a month’s supply of medication. You will receive free monthly, at-home delivery for the duration of your treatment.

Please watch the following video before you begin the program. The video contains detailed instructions about how to follow the program.