Pain Management

Unresolved pain or side effects from pills? Ask about Transdermal Pain Gels

Our goal as pain management pharmacists is to increase compliance in pain therapy by providing many specialized dosage forms. These specialized dosage forms allows us to treat pain in ways not commonly available in commercially available products or dosage forms.

We are able to compound medications for patients with specials needs. Some patients may not be able to swallow or maybe they have low muscle mass which prohibits the use of injectable drugs. There are many dosage forms that we make available to our customers and physicians which can overcome these special needs including:

  •  Creams-beneficial for local treatment of pain
  •  Sustained release capsules
  •  Suspensions
  •  Topical gels-allows for quick relief
  •  Troches-placed inside of cheek for fast absorption
  •  Transdermal patches
  •  Sublingual drops
  •  Suppositories

We want to help patients or physicians in any way we can to make you most comfortable. Our highly trained staff are willing to answer any questions you might have. Please contact us today to see how we can better help you.